A gymnastics version of dance that combines dance technique with acrobatics. It is very athletic in nature and takes a lot of physical strength, control and flexibility. Classes focus on strengthening skills to allow the dancer to eventually execute tumbles, contortions, and flips. Acro is the perfect class for dancers that demonstrate a lot of athleticism and flexibility.

A highly technical form of dance that is the root of all other dance.terminology. Classes focus on strict technique, graceful movements and are typically the quietest of all dance classes. Ballet is great for all dancers as it strengthens technique, posture and form.

An introductory form of dance for children ages 18 months to 2 years. Creative Movement is rooted in ballet and jazz, and focuses on the basic movements. It is typically performed to children’s popular nursery rhymes and sing-a-long songs. Children have the opportunity to explore dance, while adding the elements of song and dance-like play. Creative Movement is perfect for preschool dancers
Primarily performed to hip-hop and popular music, it combines elements of jazz, street, and break dance. Hip-hop is perfect for dancers that have a lot of personal funk and flair.
The basic elements of jazz are rooted in ballet, however this style of dance is much more up-tempo. Concentrates on jumps, turns, and total body control. Jazz is perfect for energetic dancers.
A very musical and rhythmic form of dance. Children learn how to make music with their feet. It’s performed to upbeat music and the lessons focus on footwork. Tap is great for dancers that love to make noise

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