Our Story PicDynamic Dance Arts was established in October 2013, as the result of following our dream. Dance has always been the biggest passion in our lives. From an early age, it drew us in and we’ve been hooked ever since! We also happen to be cousins who have received the same dance training not only as children, but also in high school where we majored in dance! As we approached university, we pursued other passions of ours, but still remained connected to dance through teaching and joining dance troupes. It seemed that no matter what paths we explored, every road lead us back to dance. Just as we were individually deciding on what we wanted to do with our lives, our dreams synced up. As fate had it, we were destined to open up a dance studio together!


   Dance has been so influential in shaping us into the individuals we are today. Through dance, not only did we learn technique, performance and timing, but we also learned some valuable life lessons. Dance taught us the meaning of the words commitment, dedication and focus. It showed us how to work as a team and how to own up to our responsibilities as a teammate. We learned about time management and working towards goals. It taught us to be proud of our achievements, but also to gracefully accept our defeats. Dance showed us that we are all unique and creative in our own ways, and that it’s okay to embrace that. It gave us an outlet to express our emotions, and taught us how to stand tall, walk proud, and to get back up when we fell down. Most of all, it constantly brought such great joy into our lives!


   Dance has always and will always be our way of life, and Dynamic Dance Arts is our dream come true! We are so lucky to get to share our passion with our students. Seeing the same look of excitement in their eyes and the friendships that dance sparks, makes us feel like we’re back in class again. As we watch the children learn, explore and grow in our classes, we feel so blessed to be a part of their dance journeys and life lessons. We strive to be great role models for our students and to instill the same passion for dance that we have. Whether it’s in one of our classes or in every day life, we hope our students never miss the chance to dance!


235 DIXON RD. Unit 19A (basement)
(416) 792 - 2150
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