Our recreational dance program is for children ages 3 to teen. We offer different styles of dance such as, ballet, jazz, tap, acro and hip-hop. Our classes are divided into four different groups designed in consideration of age, ability level, attention span and maturity. We keep our class sizes small in order to be able to give individual attention to each student.

It is expected that the students dress in proper dance attire as well as having their hair groomed neatly into a ponytail or bun. It is important to attend class weekly, as each lesson builds upon one another. Besides learning how to dance, the students will learn about discipline, commitment, responsibility and team dynamics. The children will also have the opportunity to develop friendships with same-aged, like-minded individuals through a fun learning environment.



Year End Recital

All of our classes participate in our year end recital in June. The date and location for the rehearsal and recital will be determined before the new year and announcements will be made. We always try to keep the location of the recital local. Our recital is a very exciting time for the students as they proudly show off their hard work to family and friends.

  • DVD’s of the recital will be available for purchase. More information on this will be provided closer to the date.

  • Recital Tickets will be available for purchase in the beginning of June.


Picture Day

All classes will participate in our studio picture day in May. The date will be confirmed by January. You will have an opportunity to order pictures of your child and his/her group photo on the day of. Payment for these ordered photos must be made that day. Pictures will be available just before the recital.

  • Hair and make-up varies depending on age and style of dance. Instructions on what to do will be provided to you prior to receiving your child’s costume.


Extra Performances

Throughout the year there may be opportunities to perform at different events. Last year we were invited by the Weston Gardens Retirement Home to perform at Christmas and in the spring. This is something that our students really enjoyed, as they had the chance to show off their talent and fancy costumes! Currently we do not have any extra performances scheduled, however we are always looking for opportunities for our students.




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