Our tots in dance program is for children ages 18 months to 2 years. For this young age we offer classes in Creative Movement, which is an introductory form of dance. It is rooted in ballet and jazz, and focuses on the basic movements. It is typically performed to children’s popular nursery rhymes and sing-a-long songs. Preschoolers have the opportunity to explore dance, while adding the elements of song and dance-like play.

One great thing to note is that classes for two year olds are 30 minutes long, which is the perfect length of time for them to stay focused on class! They often lose interest at around the 25-30 minute mark. Any class time after that is spent trying to refocus them.


Beyond learning how to dance, this class will also strengthen other key developmental skills. Your child will have the opportunity to interact with other children in a fun and energetic environment. The structured class will help to improve listening skills and how to follow instruction. Throughout the year the children will build upon things learned in previous classes, strengthening their memory recall. As well, dance is such an exciting way to stay active.


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